Zombie icon  Zombie
Tier --
Total Rice --
Total Water --
Total Training Time --
Hitpoints 160
Melee Cutting
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Magic (-75%), Piercing (-50%), Blunt (-50%)
Weaknesses Fire (+100%)
Prerequisite Spawned from a corpse by the Necromancer.
Passive Deterioration: The Zombie slowly disintegrates over time, constantly losing health until he finally dies a second (and final) death.

— Zombie

The Zombie is a summoned unit of the Serpent Clan.


For most warriors, death is a blessed relief from toil and pain - an honourable exit. Not so for the luckless zombies, victims of the Necromancer's art, who are condemned to return to the earth as his slaves. Nearly immune to most attacks, to poison or blows or blades, their eyes stare madly from decaying bodies as they stalk the battlefield.

Mercifully, their bodies slowly fall to pieces over time, giving them hope of a final release from bondage. Doubtless, the Necromancer is working to correct this.


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