Wolf-icon  Wolf
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths None
Weaknesses None

— Wolf

Wolf is a neutral unit and also a Wolf Clan support unit.


Most of Wolf Clan Units can get one wolf from Wolves' Den, Werewolf and Wolf Zen Masters can get up to two wolves, and Wildeye and Pack Master can get up to three wolves. Wolf Monk can’t get wolves, but can steal Trained Horses. If a tamer dies, the wolf will return to natural habitat (actually the nearest wolf spawn point) or remain in current position.


Wolves are generated in the Wolf Clan; all clan members seek to emulate the behavior of this mighty predator. Typically, wolves are drawn to the Wolf Clan both from a sense of companionship and kindred spirits, as well as the promise of easy and abundant sources of food, for the Wolf clan will often track down and slaughter horses and other animals in order to attract packs of wolves to their dens.

In return for food, safety and companionship, the wolves will fight at the sides of their human friends. Indeed, every member of the Wolf Clan can attract a lupine follower that will aid them in battle. Pack Masters in particular draw great numbers of wolves to their side, relying on the lupines as their main method of attack.

Pack Wolves are usually only encountered alongside the Wolf Clan, but some unaligned and wild wolves can also be found in the forest in the Single Player Campaign of Battle Realms.


  • Neutral wolves never attack Wolf clansmen (unless engaged in melee).
  • Wild wolves will follow a Werewolf due to the innate Alpha Wolf ability of the latter (maximum of 2).
  • Wolves from Werewolf's Wolf Bite degenerate Health like Shamblers and Zombies do.
  • Tamed wolves can't be selected, but can be partially controlled (using its host's attack commands).
  • Tamed wolves (along with Golems and Spirit Wolves) do not have any team indicator but can be indicated on the map.
  • Whenever an ally unit with wolves following them enters a watchtower, the wolves will stand near and guard it.


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