Witch logo  Witch
Tier 2
Total Rice 60
Total Water 60
Total Training Time 60 (30)
Hitpoints 300
Melee Fire
Missile/Ranged Explosive
Strengths Magic (-75%), Fire (-75%), Blunt (-25%), Piercing (-40%)[1]
Weaknesses Cutting (+50%), Explosive (+25%)
Prerequisite Serpent Peasant trains at Bathhouse, then Assassins' Den.
Passive None

"The blackness grows..."
— Witch

The Witch is a Serpent Unit available in the Winter of the Wolf expansion pack for Battle Realms.


Though they are not skilled in the arts of magic like the students of the Forbidden Path, the Serpent Clan has always dabbled in the arcane. The Serpent Witch is the embodiment of the clan's fascination with magic, and has mastered this dark magic to a level that draws even a hint of resentment from the most learned of the Lotus Clan.

The Serpent witches are malevolent and extremely treacherous as they are interested in learning something more. They wander many towns and forests to gather some exotic materials such as herbs and certain spell components in order to learn spells that are very complicated to perform and make their gathered spells more potent. They will not hesitate to slay those who defy them in order to get what they want and once they are finished they will do anything to eliminate their victims.

The Serpent witches are fierce mages with great talents. Before they enter battle, they gather their knowledge of both physical and intellectual to be ready. Their knowledge of alchemy allows them to brew numerous bottles of potion that explodes violently when they shatter on their enemy's skin, their long physical training allows them to become an efficient fighter and with the help of witchcraft their fist glows like fire that causes a burning effect to their enemies as she punches. Though all her talents are not enough, the witch is a simple fighter that will clear her enemies out of sight as they turn into ash.

Battle Gear

Demonsamulet Demon's Amulet Stamina:
No Cost
Vampiricgaze Vampiric Gaze Stamina:
Drains Stamina
Requirements: Metal Shop Requirements: Thieves' Guild
From the Metal Shop the Witch can purchase this possessed trinket, a cheap copy of an unknown artifact cursed by an unknown demon. When used the amulet will transform the Witch into a powerful Demoness. As long as she wears the amulet her stamina will continually drain, and when she finally becomes exhausted the Witch will return to her human form, shattering the amulet in the process. Stolen tomes of spells from the Thieves' Guild can be borrowed by the witch and learn how to do "Vampiric Gaze". This spell allows her to harness the Watchtower's energy that convert it to blood essence that heals her allies and herself as well but she needs to stand her ground to continuously perform her spell in exchange of her stamina.


  1. Strength slighty increased when Ironskin Potion in Assassins' Den is researched.


  • In the Winter of the Wolf expansion, the Witches were said to be servants of Utara.


Quotes (Move)

  • "A recipe for victory"
  • "Uh-hmm..."
  • "Of course!"
  • "Yes"
  • "A venomous plan"
  • "If you wish it?"

Quotes (Attack)

  • "Their souls are MINE!"
  • "They'll taste my hatred!"
  • "The blackness grows!"
  • "I'll mix up some pain for them!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat)

  • "Beast!"
  • "DIE!"

Quotes (Kills)

  • "Your strength has failed you!"
  • "The grave awaits!"
  • "(Wicked laughter)"
  • "Not much of a fighter, are you?"

Quotes (Death)

  • "Ah... Sweet death..."
  • "The Spirit... calls me..."

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