Dragon Watch Tower
The Watchtower is a common structure that all clans make use of, even though they differ greatly in appearance.


Watchtowers offer several tactical advantages: further sight, greater missile range, and superior defense for warriors perched atop their platforms. In addition, each Clan's watchtowers hold unique surprises for any invading enemies. These little tricks are considered Clan secrets. Also, when destroyed, the unit that was on it takes damage, which differs depending on the what unit. NOTE: Lotus watchtowers are magical, and teleport the unit down instead of them falling.

Watchtower Charge

Each clan's Watchtower has a unique ability, powered by an energy-bar not too dissimilar from a unit's stamina. These abilities can only be used when there are enemy units close to the watchtower.

Watchtower iconDragon Clan

  • Daze: Magically stuns all enemy units in the area.

Watchtower iconSerpent Clan

  • Blinding Flash: Blinds nearby units to reduce combat effectiveness in resistance of magic, piercing, cutting, fire, explosion, blunt weapons on units. Also knocks off horses used by the enemies allowing for your units to take control of dismounted horses which is a good advantage.

Lotus Watchtower logoLotus Clan

  • Black Lightning: Assaults a nearby enemy with black lightning to damage enemy units.

Wolf Watchtower logoWolf Clan

  • Slowdown: Sounds the horn to damage and slow enemy units.



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