The Warlock's Tower is a building of the Lotus Clan.
Lotus Warlock's Tower


File:Lotus Warlock's Tower icon.png
The rank of Warlock is rarely attained by a Lotus mage; most perish along the Path, victims of an enemy's blade or their own foul diseases. For those who survive their afflictions to become full Warlocks, only one further achievement is possible: to enter the dread Warlock's Tower with another of their rank, and there confront the end of the Forbidden Path.

None know what this entails, but most assume that a final duel between the two Warlocks is involved, for one always emerges with the other's polished skull as his trophy and proof that he is a true Master Warlock. This skull is not entirely devoid of life, and its relationship with the Master Warlock is an unpleasant matter to contemplate.

In-game Function

In-game the Warlock's Tower serves as a way for the player to get the most advanced Lotus unit available; the Master Warlock. However, unlike other Lotus units, the only way to get this unit is by sacrificing two regular Warlocks at the Warlock's Tower.

In short; two Warlocks enter, one Master Warlock leaves.

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