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The Training Yard is a building of the

Lotus Training Yard screen.png

Lotus Clan.


Lotus Training Yard.png

The Training Yard is dedicated to Tausil, the original guardian of the Tree's twisted trunk. His lessons stress submission and endurance, and Staff Adepts trains endlessly to perfect these qualities. Other trainees seek the focus and fortitude to withstand their inner torments.

With long effort, Staff Adepts, the Unclean and the Diseased can develop the Strength of the Trunk, making them more resistant to injury. Staffmen can also worsen the damage they inflict by using Heavy Iron Staves, and Tausil's mages can summon a Glut of Corruption, increasing the virulence and range of the Unclean One's phlegmatic missiles.


The Training Yard trains the following units: