Dragon Town Square
The Town Square is a common structure that all the Clans are able to build, and although they differ greatly in looks from clan to clan, they all serve the same purpose.


Town Square icon
Though differing widely in apperance, Town Squares always serve the same function. Regular town meetings help to organize the peasants, improving their ability to effectively harvest and store rice. They are also critical to a community's sense of identity, increasing its storage capacity, prestige, sense of purpose, and consequent accumulation of Yin or Yang energy.

In-game function

A Town Square increases the maximum storage capaicty of rice and water, and also allows for quicker generation of Yin /Yang points (50% faster for Dragon & Lotus, & 25% for Wolf & Serpent).

In Winter of the Wolf, the Town Square can also be upgraded to a new, different type of building, to allow for training and upgrading of the new Winter of the Wolf units:



  • The Wolf Clan's Town Square is called the "Wolfball Court", but it serves exactly the same purpose as the Town Squares of all the other clans, so it is different in name only.
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