You're welcome! The  hitpoints (along with weaknesses and resistances) can be found in the units' infoboxes on their pages. You can also navigate to Unit Resistance Charts for the detailed info on how the armor system works in the game. I'm currently working on the new and complete armor charts that will be easier to navigate through, and the whole article will have an info- overhaul.

Just a couple of days ago I found a MAC port of the game that is reported to work just fine!

If you use MAC, I can just link you to the YouTube video of the port author. All the additional information is in the description.

Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf for Mac

Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf for Mac

As to the original game from GOG, if you still want it, leave your e- mail so I can send the account info (once I find it, tomorrow most likely).

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