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The Tavern trains the following units:
The Tavern trains the following units:
*[ Peasants] into [ Swordsmen]
*[ Peasants] into [ Swordsmen]
*[ Crossbowmen] into [ Bandits]
*[ Crossbowmen] into [ Bandits]

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Serpent Tavern
The Tavern is a building affiliated with the Serpent Clan.


Tavern icon
The Tavern might be the most important building in a Serpent town. Here, rowdy peasants knock down mugs of ale while boasting over military conquests, political achievements, romance, and imaginary. Swordsmen, Bandits, Raiders and ne'er-do-wells of all stripes also call the Tavern home.

Of course, not all Taverns are provisioned equally. Those that stock Fortified Ale numb the aforementioned regulars to their wounds, and regular bouts of Drunken Revelry inspire Swordsmen in particular to fight more ferociously. Finally, Darts is a favourite game of Raiders, and champions learn to fling their torches further as well.


The Tavern trains the following units:


Fortified Ale Final Fortified Ale Yin Cost:
Drunken Revelry Final Drunken Revelry Yin Cost:
Darts Final Darts Yin Cost:
Swordsmen, Bandits and Raiders have more health. Swordsmen do more damage. Raiders hurl torches further.


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