Tarrant the Elder is the legendary first Serpent Lord and a former Dragon leader.


Tarrant's beginning is unknown,but his leadership skills and his ability of magic is parallel with Lord Zymeth.

When the Hordelings attacks started,the Dragon warriors tried to counter it,with disastrous results.

Tarrant,with the Serpent Orb on hand,along with the rest of his men tried to do a last stand in the southern tip of the continent,he activates the Orb,eliminating the Horde,but with disastrous results.He sacrificed his life to eliminate the threat,but created disasters on other lands like destroying the ancient Wolf heartland,deaths of all Lotus Clan wizards unaligned on the Tree of Corruption and among others.


Tarrant's actions have dire consequences like:

- He separated his territory in order to prevent the Horde,but lost contact with his Dragon brethren.And created the Serpent Clan and the island of Battle Realms.

- He destroyed the ancient Wolf Clan's homeland.

- Isolating the Dragon Clan's traditions in change of nefarious Serpent rule.

- His actions cost the Lotus Clan's destiny forever.From simple and peaceful tribe,they became corrupted without proper rulers,which Zymeth and the Lotus Brothers took advantage.

He was also said that Kenji Oja and his father's line was descended from Tarrant.

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