Dragon Target Range 2
The Target Range is a building affiliated with the Dragon Clan.


Target Range icon
Of all weapons, the longbow is most useless in the hands of a raw novice, yet most deadly when fired by an expert. Here, archers practice until they can split an arrow on the target’s bull’s-eye. Such accuracy is needed when trying to strike down a fast-moving foe.

The secrets of Zen Accuracy help Archers to strike vital points on their enemies, causing more damage, and improved Arrow Craftsmanship means improved range. Regular Calisthenics classes can also improve the health and lifespans of the massive Powder Keg Cannoneers.


The Target Range trains the following units:


Zen Accuracy Final Zen Accuracy Yang Cost:
Arrow Craftsmanship Final Arrow Craftsmanship Yang Cost:
Calisthenics Final Calisthenics Yang Cost:
Archers do more damage. Archers have a longer range. Powder Keg Cannoneers have more health.


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