Serpent Stables screen
The Serpent Stables is a building affiliated with the Serpent Clan.


Serpent Stables
An orderly, well-kept Stables is a critical fixture of any army town. Here, the Master of Cavalry breaks and trains horses until they can be trusted with a soldier's life. He reliably transforms even the most reluctant wild stallions into effective battlefield allies.

The purchase of Whips and Spurs is often a wise investment, as they drive horses to push themselves well beyond the ordinary limits of exhaustion. Experience in Hobbling helps peasants to capture wild steeds without fail, and a Glue Factory will motivate even the most ornery of horses to greater feats.


The Stables allow peasants to tame wild horses found in the wild and gives the animals a place to stay until a unit makes use of it on the battlefield. A single Stables can hold a maximum of six horses at any time.

Serpent units equipped with Battle Gear can't use it while they sit in the saddle, but are instead trained to Trample enemies while on horseback.


Whips and Spurs Final Whips and Spurs Yin Cost:
Hobbling Final Hobbling Yin Cost:
Glue Factory Final Glue Factory Yin Cost:
Trained horses can run further. Peasants catch horses more quickly. Horses' Trample attacks use less stamina.


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