Lotus Stables 2
The Stables is a building of the Lotus Clan.
Lotus ShadowSteed


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Horses are terrified of Lotus encampments, and only through hypnosis can they be coaxed into the Stables. Once inside, however, they are transformed by brutal sorceries into Shadow Steeds, violent and soulless creatures more than willing to bear the Lotus into battle.

The Lotus Wizards overseeing this transformation exhibit varying degrees of skill. Superior mages craft especially searing Brimstone for these steeds to breathe out, while those who understand Horse Anatomy assemble sturdier beasts. Experienced trainers become attuned to the source of their creations' power, and by deepening this Demonic Kinship they allow these beasts to draw on their Flame Breath at less of a cost to their stamina.


The Stables allow peasants to tame wild horses found in the wild and gives the animals a place to stay until a unit makes use of it. A single stables can hold a maximum of six horses at once.

Lotus warriors with Battle Gear can't use it while mounted, but instead coax the steeds to breathe their Infernal Breath on any foes or structures nearby.



  • Shadow Steeds will continuously damage any Serpent or Dragon clan units that ride them (as Wolf clan units don't ride horse at all). Peasants that use Shadow Steed as pack animal isn't damaged.
  • The Shadow Steed won't change into normal horse as long as it didn't enter Serpent and Dragon Stables or left unattended for a long time.
  • It is possible to "steal" Shadow Steed from hostile Lotus Clan by using the ability that can force dismount, or using Blinding Flash (Serpent's Watchtower ability) and Slowdown (Wolf Watchtower ability). The other way is kill the Lotus peasant that use Shadow Steed as pack animal.
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