Dragon Stables

The Stables is a building affiliated with the Dragon Clan.


Dragon Stables icon
Here, the renowned horses of the Dragon Clan are cared for and trained. The Stables Master has long experience tending these animals, and reads their moods with an accuracy bordering on telepathy. In his capable hands, today's wild stallion is tomorrow's trustworthy warhorse.

With mastery of Animal Bonding, the Stables Master can improve the sturdiness and health of his beasts. The local blacksmith can also be tremendously helpful, crafting Horseshoes that allow horses to run further before tiring and Stirrups that prevent riders from being thrown.


The Stables allow peasants to tame wild horses found in the wild and gives the animals a place to stay until a unit makes use of it. A single stable can hold a maximum of six horses at once.

Dragon units that have acquired Battlegear cannot use them while mounted, but instead gain the ability to Trample opponents in their path. They regain their old Battlegear when they dismount.


Animal Bonding Final Animal Bonding Yang Cost:
Horseshoes Final Horseshoes Yang Cost:
Stirrups Final Stirrups Yang Cost:
Trained horses have more health. Trained horses can run further. Dragon clan soldiers cannot be dismounted unless the horse dies.


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