Siege Parameter (Info as of 1.50q - WOTW)

By default, all weapons (that units wield) in BR have a "Siege" parameter that is related to attacking buildings. It can either be true (1) or false (0) which would result in the following multipliers:

  • SiegeMultiplier = 1
  • NonSiegeMultiplier = 0.5f

Meaning that a "Siege" weapon would deal 100% of its damage to buildings where as a non-siege weapon would deal 50%. Sadly, for range units that shoot projectiles, it is bugged in all of the BR versions (i.e. The Cannoneer), they deal full damage despite having non-siege weapons.

Nonetheless, people had never noticed that something was off, mainly because it was masked by another BR feature.

Building Armor

Just like units, buildings also have Armor Multipliers when it comes to incoming damage:

(Non-AM) Flammability** - how easy it is to set a building on fire. Values: 0,5 (hard) [only keeps], 1 (normal) [all unit buildings], 2 (simple) [only watchtowers].Normal AM are the same for all buildings except for certain unique ones seen only in the campaigns.

The priority was supposed to be given to Siege multiplier first, and only then to Armor Multiplier.

  • Cutting AM - 0,5 - All buildings take 50% of cutting damage.
  • Piercing AM - 0,25 - All buildings take 25% of piercing damage.
  • Blunt AM - 0,75 - All buildings take 75% of blunt damage.
  • Explosive AM - 1 - All buildings take 100% of explosive damage.
  • Magical AM - 0,75 - All buildings take 75% of magic damage.
  • Fire AM - 0,25 - All buildings take 25% of fire damage (compensated by fire point damage).

The Cannoneer deals 37,5 damage and has Siege set to 0 by default. As of now, he deals 37,5 x 0,75 = ~28 blunt damage to buildings. With Siege multiplier  working he would deal 37,5 x 0,5 x 0,75 = ~ 14 blunt damage to buidings, until he acquries the "Steel Cannonballs" technique (as it gives him a siege weapon thus doubling the damage output).

Affected techniques

Battle Realms has 2 techniques that are known to be relying on the Siege parameter for ranged units: Steel Cannonballs (Serpent Clan) and Phosphorous Powder (Dragon Clan). In case with Steel Cannonballs, the 3 Yin upgrade does absolutely nothing; Phosphorous Powder, on the other hand, has 2 more effects (AoE (although it doesn't work either) and damage multipliers) that don't render the upgrade useless.

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