Serpent Sharpshooter's Guild
The Sharpshooter's Guild is a building of the Serpent Clan.


Sharpshooter's Guild
Sharpshooter's Guilds are even more dangerous than Taverns to the unwary. In the practice yard, trainees send projectiles from quarrels to cannonballs hurtling through the air in the general direction of several battered targets. It is unwise to stand anywhere nearby.

Here, crossbowmen and bandits slather their tools of choice in deadly toxins, creating Poisoned Weapons. Rudimentary Cannon Sights improve the effective range of Cannoneers, and Steel Cannonballs increase their effectiveness against buildings and fortifications.


The Sharpshooter's Guild trains the following units:


Poisoned Weapons Final Poisoned Weapons Yin Cost:
Cannon Sights Final Cannon Sights Yin Cost:
Steel Cannonballs Final Steel Cannonballs Yin Cost:
Crossbowman and Bandit weapons are poisonous and do more damage. Cannoneers have longer range. Cannoneers do more damage against buildings. (As of 1.50q- the upgrade doesn't work)


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