Shale Spider logo  Shale Spider
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths None
Weaknesses None

— Shale Spider

Shale Spider are giant spiders that roamed the Shale Mines, where they served their dark Lotus masters.


Shale Spiders were giant arachnid creatures bigger than a grown man that lived deep down in the Shale Mines owned by the Lotus Clan. The Lotus were fond of throwing starving and weakened slaves to the beasts, both as entertainment for the Lotus masters, or as punishment for the crimes of the Wolf clan. Yvaine and her servants had a particular liking for the vile critters.

Yvaine also claimed that the Shale Spiders laid their eggs in living flesh, and warned her Wolf slaves that if any slaves misbehaved down in the deep mines, she would introduce the slaves to her "hungry friends".


  • Shale Spiders are only few units encountered in the Single Player Campaign of the Winter of the Wolf expansion pack and fan-made maps.
  • On Grayback's Journey, Shale Spiders are favored pets of Yvaine and her servants.
  • Shale Spider icon does not appear (as it cannot be selected) in-game but found in the game coding.
  • Shale Spiders have 150 HP.
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