The Serpent's Orb, also known as Tarrant's Orb, is an artifact of great power which was used by Tarrant the Elder to expel the Horde from his Empire. It is widely sought by all the great clans, though for differing reasons. The Lotus believe it can rid them of magical corruption, while the Wolf think its power can return their ancestral lands to them. The Serpent simply want the Orb for its power, while the Dragon seek to use the Orb to bring about an era of peace.

In the campaign "Kenji's Journey" of Battle Realms, the Ancient Dragon spirit tells Kenji that the orb possesses no power of its own. Its only use is to amplify and focus the powers within its user, as long as said user has a belief that the Orb will, somehow, be able to help him/her.

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