Dragon Royal Academy
The Royal Academy is a building affiliated with the Dragon clan, only available in Winter of the Wolf.


Royal Academy icon
The Town Square, with its larger stores and ability to make more efficient peasants, is a valuable structure for the Dragon Clan, yet it lacks any value as a training facility.

In Winter of the Wolf, the Dragon Clan's Town Square can be upgraded into a Royal Academy, a prestigious school where new forms of combat are taught, and new battle techniques explored.

Through rigorous training, the Guardian can learn how to keep going in the heat of combat with Indomitable Will, increasing his overall health. Battle Maidens can learn the dangerous Dance of Knives, further refining their ability to harm the enemies of the Dragon Clan, and both the Battle Maiden and the Guardian can partake in the Trial of Endurance, increasing their energy reserves.

Grayback's Journey

Taro uses Royal Academies, ironically, he is a Serpent Clan member.


The Royal Academy trains the following units:


Indomitable Will Final Indomitable Will Yang Cost:
Dance of Knives Final Dance of Knives Yang Cost:
Trial of Endurance Final Trial of Endurance Yang Cost:
Guardians gain more health. Raises Battle Maidens' attack power. Increases the stamina of both Guardians and Battle Maidens.
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