Rice harvest 1

"Mmmmm... Rice."
— Grayback
Rice is one of the two resources that needs to be gathered in the game (the other being Water) by peasants to make buildings and train warriors.


Rice is best harvested by placing peasant huts right next to them for fast harvest and gathering. Rice grows by itself but it takes a slow time to do so. Peasants who are told to water the rice will help the rice grow faster or even the rainy weather can help. Sometimes or most of the time rivers are nearby rice fields allowing the peasants to gather water there for the rice fields. Another way to water the rice is using wells and placing them next or near the rice fields if a water source is a little far or is not next to the rice field.

Rice can be grow faster by using Zymeth's Heavy Rain or a natural rain in non-snow fields. Rice fields can be destroyed by certain explosives and some Battle Gear like Infested One's Famine and Raider's Brush Fire.

Blizzards can decrease the growth of rice.

There are other ways that can get rice:

  • Use Bandit on the corpse to loot 50 rice
  • Demolish the under constructed building. It can return half of the cost of the demolished building

Here are the timings for rice growth rates:

  • During heavy rain, it takes ~16 seconds for the seedlings to be partially grown rice and ~32 seconds for the seedlings to be fully grown rice.
  • When it is completely dry, it takes a rice seedlings ~169 seconds to be partially grown rice and ~338 seconds to be fully grown rice.


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