Reaper icon  Reaper
Tier 1
Total Rice 30
Total Water 30
Total Training Time 25
Hitpoints 300
Melee Cutting
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Fire (-75%), Cutting (-25%), Blunt (-25%)
Weaknesses Explosive (+50%), Magic (+75%)
Prerequisite Lotus Peasant trains at Flesh Crucible.
Passive None

"Your mind is disobedient... but your flesh will serve us well..."
— Reaper

The Reaper is a unit of the Lotus Clan.


These walking abominations are the creation of Lotus mage Soban himself. They are a gruesome sight to behold, constructed from the corpses of dead Lotus peasants and rotting Wolf slaves, and animated using the darkest form of arcane magic in order to do the bidding of the Lotus slave driver, Yvaine.

They don tight-fitting armor, and hobble around mindlessly, heeding nothing but their master's wishes. True to it's name, the Reaper carries a massive scythe that can slice through flesh and bone as easily as it can penetrate air.

Battle Gear

Servantofflesh Servant of Flesh Stamina:
Can be acquired from any of Lotus Brothers.
The Reaper is well learned in the ways of Necromancy, and he can reanimate the corpse of fallen comrades and dead enemies who will obey his every command by recieving a blessing from the Three Brothers. These walking corpses - Shamblers - may move about slowly, but they mercilessly claw and scratch at the Reaper's enemies. Because of their arcane nature, the Shamblers' bodies are degenerative, and they need to constantly devour other corpses in order to maintain their health.


Quotes (Move)

  • "Move...."
  • "There...."
  • "Hmmppphhhh...."
  • "Go....."
  • "Yes...."

Quotes (Attack)

  • "Attack...."
  • "Slay...."
  • "Kill...."
  • "Cut...."
  • "Death!"
  • "Blood!"
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