Raider is a Advanced Missile unit in Serpent Clan.


Training : Tavern and Alchemist Hut

Innate Ability : Ambush: The Raider gets no line-of-sight reduction in forests.

"Life amongst the Serpent is not easy, and there are some who - by virtue of laziness, misfortune, or general unpleasantness - find no craft or trade by which to earn a living. These embittered men often become cruel Raiders, whose trademark is to pillage remote towns by night, then set them ablaze to distract pursuers. Spying out enemies through tangled forests is second nature to a Raider.

Intelligent Serpent generals find uses for such men, pressing them into service in exchange for pardoning their crimes. Brandishing torches and lanterns, they are unsuited to single combat, but matchless at reducing enemy fortresses to cinders."

Weakness : Cutting Strong : Blunt, Magic, Fire.

Cost : 60 Rice and 60 Water


Brushfire : Burns nearby Ricefield and Trees near the Raiders.

Caltrops : Leaves a trail of caltrops if activated, dealing damage to enemy who stomped it. Max 20.
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