PKC Logo Powder Keg Cannoneer
Unit Statistics
Tier 2
Rice Cost 60 (30+30)  Rice icon alphaXS
Water Cost 60 (30+30)  Water icon alpha
Training Time 55 (25+30)
Hitpoints 270/ 351
Base Damage 10 / 35 / 40 / 75
Melee Blunt
Missile Explosive / Explosive+Piercing / Piercing
Strengths Blunt (-75%), Fire (-75%), Magic (-50%)
Weaknesses Cutting (+50%), Explosive (+25%)
Prerequisite Dragon Peasant trains at the Alchemist Hut and the Target Range.
Innate Ability Purifying Salt: The Powder Keg Cannoneer will throw salt to ward off bad spirits, increasing nearby allies' resistances for a short duration.
"Warlocks? Ha! I eat warlocks for breakfast. And that's only to work up an appetite."
— Powder Keg Cannoneer

The Powder Keg Cannoneer is a unit of the Dragon Clan.


Dragon tacticians disdain firearms as crude and inflexible: Foolish weapons borne only by fools. On the other hand, they have long recognized the usefulness of artillery on the battlefield. The result of this duality is the Powder Keg Cannoneer. These elite fighters spend half of their time training with their unique weapon, a small cannon that launches kegs packed with gunpowder. The other half is spent eating, for - considerations of strength aside - it takes a man of immense proportions to withstand the recoil of such a cannon. The very best Cannoneers are former sumo champions; one may still see them salting the ground to ward off evil spirits and ensure their safety, just as they once did in the wrestling ring.

The sight of a crew of tremendously fat men lumbering towards the battlefield, has, on occasion, incited jeers and laughter from foolish opponents. The laughter stops when cannon charges begin tearing apart buildings as easily as men.


Powder Keg Cannoneers are siege units that have a slow movement speed and firing rate, but their distinctive Explosive Keg projectile effectively damages buildings and are especially lethal to foes vulnerable to Explosive. Their attacks also punishes tightly packed units. Pressurized Kegs and Calisthenics techniques increase these bombardiers' firepower and health, respectively. Indirect Fire enables the Powder Keg Cannoneers to shoot from a much farther distance and safer position whilst slightly boosting his attack damage from 35 to 40, but it drains a considerable amount of stamina; it would last for 25 seconds assuming he has 100% stamina to begin with. The Shrapnel Keg is a relatively expensive, single-use battle gear that hurts tightly packed enemy units, dealing 75 piercing damage.

On the flip side, Powder Keg Cannoneer's slow speed, short attack range (for a siege unit) and vulnerability to cutting weapons make them easy victims to fast melee units, making them unable to effectively run away from a fight. while their ironic weakness to Explosive and slow fire rate renders them an unsuitable match against enemies with explosive arsenals. With all that said, Powder Keg Cannoneers fight best when perched on Watchtowers or heavily protected by fellow Dragon clansmen.

Battle Gear

PKC - Indirect Fire Indirect Fire Stamina:
Drains Stamina
PKC - Shrapnel Keg Shrapnel Keg Stamina:
No Cost
Requirements: Shrine Requirements: Fireworks Factory
The cannon is difficult to handle accurately even at close range. Yet, with meditation (and a double charge of gunpowder), the Cannoneer learns to fire far beyond the bounds of sight - anywhere an ally can shout and be heard. Continually drains stamina when activated. Cannoneers and Chemists get along quite well, and the demented geniuses of the Fireworks Factory take special delight in assembling flesh-and bone-shredding novelty. A Powder Keg Cannoneer can only carry a single Shrapnel Keg.


Due to coding error, the Pressurized Kegs technique adds 1.1 piercing damage to the Powder Keg Cannoneer's melee and missile weapons.

Pressurized Kegs would have added a 10% increase in piercing damage to the Powder Keg Cannoneer's weapons (i.e. Powder Keg does 35 explosive damage) and would have dealt an additional 3.5 bonus piercing damage, as the additional damage type is listed as piercing in the technique data tab.

Another possibility is that Pressurized Kegs technique was suppose to add 11 piercing damage, which would be in-line with other 2-yang damage-buffing techniques.

Pressurized Keg's bonus damage is piercing in nature and, being non-poisonous, subject to enemy's piercing resistance. For example:

  • Utara, whose Piercing Armor Multiplier is 1.5, takes 1.1 * 150% = 1.65 bonus piercing damage.
  • Arah, whose Piercing Armor Multiplier is 0.25, takes 1.1 * 25% = ~0.28 bonus piercing damage.


Quotes (Move)

  • "I'm moving!"
  • "I'm rolling!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "I go!"
  • "Going!"
  • "I move!"

Quotes (Attack)

  • "With my bare hands!"
  • "Cover your ears!"
  • "I smash them!"
  • "Beat at last!"
  • "Crush...ENEMY!"
  • "I stomp them!"
  • "Destroy!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat)

  • "Here I go!"
  • "What's this?"

Quotes (Kills)

  • "Get some!"
  • "Big damage"
  • "(Joyful laughter)"
  • "Fight like a man"
  • "I crush you!!"
  • "Goodbye!"

Quotes (Heal)

  • "Better... BETTER!!"
  • "Good... GOOD!!"

Quotes (Death)

  • "Good... fight..."
  • "No more fight....."

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