Peasant huts are made from wattle and daub with a thatch roof but no windows.

Dragon Peasant Hut

The Peasant Hut is the most basic of all buildings, offering little more than a roof to keep both rice and Peasants dry. Each Peasant Hut increases Rice capacity by 100 and Water capacity by 50. Maximum Rice capacity is at 5000 and maximum Water capacity is at 1000. In addition to that, every peasant hut speeds up the process of peasants generation[1].


Peasant Hut icon
The Peasant Hut is the first building a Peasant can build, and the Peasant Hut is the only source of Peasants, making it the most common but also the most important of all the buildings. The Peasant Hut, in addition to regularly (and automatically) spawning new Peasants, also serves as a drop-off point for any resources gathered, whether it be rice or water.

Dragon, Serpent, Lotus and Wolf Clans build their dwellings in vastly different shapes and forms, but all share similar characteristics: simplicity, practicality and the desire to keep occupants warm and safe at the least possible expense.




  1. It was never officially stated that the peasant huts increase the spawn rate, but it was proven by the dedicated players.Source: Battle Realms Jokerz.