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L-logo-peasant.gif  Peasant/Lotus
Tier Peasant
Total Rice --
Total Water --
Total Training Time --
Hitpoints 135
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Fire (-75%)
Weaknesses None
Prerequisite Peasants automatically generated from Lotus Peasant Huts.
Passive None

"My struggles above the earth merely delay my final sleep there."
— Peasant/Lotus

The peasants of the Lotus Clan are truly a strange race. Thin, wiry and pale, they perform their labors with religious fervor. Their zeal is unsurprising; they witness more dark and unholy miracles during infancy than the zealots of many other faiths glimpse in ten lifetimes.


  • Lotus peasants have the least amount of hit points (135 instead of Wolf peasant's 150 or Dragon & Serpent peasants' 157).

Quotes (Move)

  • "I....serve...."
  • "I obey...."
  • " the root...."
  • " humble...."
  • "I toil...."
  • "I tend...."

Quotes (Attack)

  • "PROTECT...!!!"
  • "I'll do my best....!!!"
  • "DEFEND...!!!"
  • "ATTACK...!!!"
  • " command...."
  • "Let's go!"