Overseer icon  Overseer
Tier 2
Total Rice 60
Total Water 80
Total Training Time 65
Hitpoints 300
Melee Blunt
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Fire (-75%), Cutting (-50%)
Weaknesses Blunt (+25%), Magic (+25%)
Prerequisite Lotus Peasant trains at Aviary, then Flesh Crucible.
Passive none

"If you can't harvest rice, then you'll harvest pain!"
— Overseer
The Overseer is a unit of the Lotus Clan and only available in Winter of the Wolf.


This seductive temptress is being personally trained by Yvaine in order to keep her Wolf Clan slaves in line. Slick black leather covers her voluptuous body, and a mysterious and fearsome aura surrounds her very being. No one has actually witnessed the training, and there are some mutterings that they are in fact created during nightly, unholy ceremonies at the Flesh Crucible.

The Overseer carries a whip whose sharp crack strikes fear into the heart of Wolf clansmen, many of whom have tasted the bite of her cruel weapon.


Even though the Overseer can hold her own against lowly sword-toters due to her decent health, fast movement speed and attack rate, & good cutting resistances, she has mediocre attack power, little resistance against piercing & explosive, and two weaknesses against blunt & magic, making her ill-suited for combat.

Overseer's role is limited as a supportive specialist who drains enemy Watchtower's energy while magically damaging enemy defenders, as long as there are nearby allies to take tower-shots meant for her.

Battle Gear

Towercorruption Tower Corruption Stamina:
Drains Stamina
Can be acquired from any of Lotus Brothers.
By receiving a blessing from one of the Three Brothers, the Overseer will be able to negate the powerful magical effects of watchtowers. Called Tower Corruption, this spell drains the energy from any nearby tower, and the Overseer can then release it back towards her enemies, causing them to sustain continual damage. While performing her Tower Corruption spell the Overseer has to stand perfectly still in order to maintain her concentration.


Quotes (Move)

  • "(laughter)"
  • "Heh heh, gladly!"
  • "Yes...."
  • "At your service"
  • "The pain spreads"
  • "You won't be sorry"

Quotes (Attack)

  • "Submit and die!"
  • "My whip wants a word with you!"
  • "Cower before me!"
  • "You backsneaking slave!"
  • "(Laughter)"
  • "Life is pain!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat)

  • "Fear the Lotus"

Quotes (Death)

  • "I rejoined the brothers"
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