Nightvol logo  Nightvol
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Magic (-75%)
Weaknesses None

"I am always here... I am the Nightvol. I AM THE DARK!"
— Nightvol

The Nightvol is the mysterious and antagonistic leader of the Horde, appearing only in "Kenji's Journey", the single-player campaign of Battle Realms.


The Nightvol is the penultimate antagonist in the Battle Realms single-player campaign, "Kenji's Journey", first appearing as a Ninja who seeks to hinder Kenji's progress, often by scheming and forcing Kenji to fight with the other clans, such as the Wolf and the Lotus. Later on it reveals its true form as the apparent leader of the legendary Horde that once killed tens of thousands of men and women in a landwide slaughter, until they were mysteriously stopped by Tarrant the Elder wielding the fabled Serpent's Orb.

Not much else is known about this creature, save that it is extraordinarily powerful and has an interest in hindering and/or killing Kenji and the Dragon/Serpent clan. Appearance-wise the Nightvol resembles a huge mass of shadows with piercing yellow eyes and several Hordelings clinging to its form, and it speaks with a loud and booming voice.


  • The Nightvol will persuade either the Wolf clan or the lotus clan to stand against Kenji in the Kenji's Journey campaign of Battle Realms, depending on whether he chose to lead the Dragon Clan or the Serpent Clan at the start of his journey. If Kenji is honorable, wise and just, he will run afoul of the nefarious Lotus. Similarly, if Kenji is ambitious, wicked and remorseless he will be forced to face the free-willed Wolf.
  • With the Lotus, the Nightvol will persuade them to fight for him by giving them the Serpent's Orb, which they believe will rid them of their magical corruption. With the Wolf, the Nightvol will convince the former slaves that they can return to or possibly remake their ancestral island home with the orb. Either way, Kenji will be forced to oppose one of the other major clans in the finale before confronting the Nightvol.
  • With 3000 health, the Nightvol has the highest Health of any units and buildings in Battle Realms.
  • The Nightvol is a non-Hero unit, so a Glass-Sword-wielding Swordsman will kill the Nightvol with one strike, but not the Wolf Brawler with Zen Counter Punch.


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