Neutral Units are units that aren't playable and may appear in some portion of battlefield.

There are mainly 2 types of neutral units;

  • Horses- a separate resource which can be gathered by the clans for use in combat, or to support their economy. Horses can be found in both the multiplayer, and the campaign. Are denoted by brown marks on the minimap.
  • Wolves- generally antagonistic units (therefore not truly neutral) that can assault the players' units in the single player campaign. Wolves do not start on the map naturally, unlike horses. However, in some of the Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf campaign missions, Wolves do start on the map, and can be recruited to add to the players' army.
  • Birds- a third, unofficial and non-interactable type of unit in the multiplayer and campaign. Birds can sometimes be used to catch glimpses of enemy units, or expose your own units, when said units disturb them by running or engaging in combat under their tree.
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