The Three Brothers are Zen Masters of the Lotus Clan.


The Three Brothers: Lythis, Sekh and Tausil are those who once tended the Tree of Corruption. Each of the Brothers spoke for different aspects of the Tree - one the leaves, one the trunk, and one the roots. Although long dead, their spirits still continue to serve the Lotus Clan until now.

The Brothers' spirits lie in deep sleep at the Crypt of the Brothers, where at the cost of Yin points any of the chosen Brothers can be awakened to guide the clan. Although their spectral form doesn't provide them with much power, their attacks can drain the willpower of their enemies at such a rate that the Warlock's Soul Lick can never compare to. The drained willpower is then converted into the Brother's stamina to be expended as Battle Gear for the clan.

Battle Gear

Dark Powers
Dark Powers: Expend stamina to give a Lotus Unit a blessing, in the form of Battlegear. All three Brothers give the same blessing to all Lotus units, with the exception of the Warlock and Master Warlock.


  • All the brothers have the same voice in the game.
  • While being Zen Masters, the Brothers are NonHeroUnit -like the Nightvol, rather than HeroUnit - like Zymeth. Therefore, a Swordsman will kill any Brother with one Glass Sword swing, but not a Brawler with one Zen Counterpunch. Also, the Brothers and the Nightvol don't grow stronger with more Yin.
  • Judging by the 1st tier units Battle Gear descriptions and the weapons they wield, one may conclude that each Brother was originally intended to only bless tier-1 warriors within his own school of Lotus martial arts (and maybe 2nd): Lythis- Blade Acolytes (Infested Ones), Sekh- Leaf Disciples (Unclean Ones), Tausil- Staff Adepts (Diseased Ones). (That would actually influence the balance in a good way, making the Lotus Clan less powerful than it is now)[1]
  • Lythis deals more damage (8 cutting) than Tausil (5 blunt) or Sekh (1,25 piercing per "leaf" projectile)[2]


Quotes (Move)

  • "I....move...."
  • "I....obey...."
  • "Searching...."
  • "Moving...."
  • "Certain...."
  • "Yes...."

Quotes (Attack)

  • "Food...."
  • "Eat...."
  • "Souls...."
  • "Life...."
  • "Dread...."


  1. by not allowing Sekh, who can easily gather stamina from enemies due to his missile attack, to bless Staff Adept and get more stamina for blessing other units. This way other clans can counter other brothers, who engage in melee to get stamina.
  2. The information is from the battlerealms.dat file.
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