Dragon Keep

The Keep is a common structure that all the different Clans are able to build, and although they differ greatly in looks from clan to clan, they all serve the same purpose.


Keep icon
A keep is an imposing structure, well defended from assault and relatively luxurious in its accommodations. Within, great leaders and scholars study their tomes in safety, while officers and warriors argue over their strategies in heated tones.

Heroes regularly make pilgrimages to these strongholds from afar, seeking service or employment with their wealthy lords, and are summoned forth at a cost of rice, water, and Ying and Yang energy. Monks or ninjas may also take note of great leaders' importance, and flock here to assist them - usually a maximum of four at a time.

In-game function

In Battle Realms, the Keep has two functions. The first is to allow for greater rice storage, meaning you can have more rice than before, making it easier to stock up resources for longer periods of training troops and building new structures.

The second purpose is to allow for the recruitment of Zen Masters, who will be available for hire at the Keep for a price of rice, water and Yin/Yang points.



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