Kabuki Warrior logo  Kabuki Warrior
Tier 2
Total Rice 60
Total Water 60
Total Training Time 55
Hitpoints 300
Melee Magic
Missile/Ranged Magic
Strengths Fire (-75%), Explosive (-75%), Cutting (-50%)
Weaknesses Blunt (+25%), Magic (+50%)
Prerequisite Dragon Peasants train at the Dojo and the Alchemist Hut.
Passive Entertainer: The Kabuki Warrior occasionally juggles energy orbs, amusing and recovering nearby peasants' stamina.

Jumping: The Kabuki Warrior gains height advantage when he performs his jumping attack.

"Care you, good lords, for an amusing show? Allow me to show you your doom."
— Kabuki Warrior
The Kabuki Warrior is a unit of the Dragon Clan.


The Dragon Clan has always understood combat to be an art: passionate, inventive, and beautiful. None understand this better than the Kabuki Warrior, whose skills with illusion and the blade meet in a flowing aesthetic of death. He is a master at luring his opponents into deadly errors, and strikes in close with steel, or at a distance with a deadly magical powder. Yet his lust for battle never diminishes his lust for life, and his sleight-of-hand is ever a source of simple entertainment and joy to the peasantry.

Kabuki is an art of extravagant balance, and the Kabuki Warrior is a balanced combatant, quick and flexible, neither cautious nor foolhardy. Few care to face him in combat; the threat of humiliation is, perhaps, worse than the fear of death.


The Kabuki Warriors are versatile and useful melee fighters. Kabuki Warrior's magical blade handily thrashes foes with little resistance or weakness to magics, and Kabuki Warriors resist the common melee cutting weapons & explosive missiles, allowing them to balance out other Dragon fighters' weaknesses (e.g. Powder Keg Cannoneers' weakness against Cutting & Explosives) while Kabuki Warriors' weaknesses to Blunt may be covered by Samurai and Magic by Dragon Warriors.

Kabuki's true strength lies in their Battle Gears. Stardust disables all enemy rangers' missile weapons, allowing weakness-ridden Dragon melee fighters to home in to and mop up enemy rangers; Flashpowder severely reduces enemies' sight-range and resistances & resets all enemies' behaviors, confusing enemy commanders and giving the Dragon clan an edge in melee combat.

Battle Gear

Stardust icon Stardust Stamina:
Flashpowder icon Flashpowder Stamina:
No Cost
Requirements: Shrine Requirements: Fireworks Factory
Through meditation at the Shrine, the Kabuki Warrior learns his secrets of illusion; this sparkling dust leaves missile-using opponents dazzled and unable to aim accurately through its cloud. Originally a tool of the stage magician, flash powder's ability to leave enemies staggering and blind is magic enough for the battlefield. A Kabuki Warrior can carry up to 3 Flashpowder before he needs to resupply.


  • The Kabuki's Warrior was intended to be peasants directly trained from the Kabuki Theater (which Liquid scrapped). As the Dragon Sniper (likely trained at Alchemist Hut & Target Range) would become the Serpent Musketeer, Dragon Peasants need training from Dojo & Alchemist Hut to become Kabuki Warrior, while the Powder Keg Cannoneer - more fittingly trained at Dojo & Alchemist Hut - must be trained from Target Range & Alchemist Hut.
  • The Kabuki Warrior's Entertainer remains active even if they were placed on the watchtower, According to Battle Realms.dat's Data_Abilities tab, Entertainer has a scrapped after-effect (no. 167) to boost peasants' speeds (to gather, repair, move, attack, etc) by 50%.
  • The Flash Powder BG reduces enemies' resistances by 50% and line-of-sight by 90%, resetting all their behaviours: "passive mode," "stand ground," and "forced attack;" in other words, blinded units -who are attacking & moving - will stop attacking & moving. After the blinding effect wears off, units will resume attacking any nearby enemies. Alternatively, players can manually command blinded units to attack & move.


Quotes (Move)

  • "Hmm..."
    Kabuki Hm
  • "Done..."
    Kabuki Done
  • "Yes"
    Kabuki Yes
  • "Going"
    Kabuki Going
  • "Ah!"
    Kabuki Ah

Quotes (Attack)

  • "So it begins..."
    Kabuki SoItBegins
  • "Oh..?"
    Kabuki Oh
  • "Hm."
    Kabuki Hm(attack)
  • "To the battle!"
    Kabuki ToTheBattle
  • "To the fight."
    Kabuki ToTheFight
  • "Seeking victory!"
    Kabuki SeekingVictory

Quotes (Kill)

  • "My apologies."
    Kabuki 0130
  • "Mmm...(laughter)"
    Kabuki 0100
  • "You are done."
    Kabuki 0121
  • "It is over."
    Kabuki 0122
  • "As it was written."
    Kabuki 0131
  • "We're finished here."
    Kabuki 0123

Quotes (Heal)

  • "I am in your debt"
    Kabuki 0136
  • "Ah... Thank you"
    Kabuki 0135

Quotes (Death)

  • "I am done..."
    Kabuki 0190