— Horse
Horse logo  Horse
Tier Neutral
Melee Blunt (Trample- Area Of Effect, Fire, if the horse becomes a Lotus Shadow Steed)
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Cutting, Blunt, Explosive, Magic (-25%), Fire (-25% as normal, -75% as Lotus Shadow Steed)
Weaknesses Piercing (+25%)
Prerequisite Can be found and tamed by peasants in the wild and brought back to the Stables/Wolves' Den, where other units can make use of them.

Horses are those animals all clans make use of, whether they become pack animals, cavalry or food for wolves.


Horses are neutral animals that appear on random parts of most maps in both the Single Player campaigns as well as multiplayer maps. They can be tamed by peasants though the horse will become scared the first time the peasant will try to tame it.  When a tamed horse is brought back to the stables, it is for one of two purposes; to give a peasant a pack animal to help with harvesting water or rice, or to carry another unit into battle (Not applicable to Wolf clan, see below). Any unit that rides a horse is given a second "Trample" ability that damages nearby units, and any unit that is riding a horse will not expend his stamina when running. Whenever a unit dismounts a horse and leaves it unattended for a long time, the horse will become wild again.


All the Clans make use of horses as pack animals or as cavalry, except for the Wolf Clan; the Wolf clan makes use of horses as well, but instead of riding or using them as pack horses they feed the animals to their wolves. In addition, the Lotus Clan transforms wild horses into dreaded Shadow Steeds in their stables; Shadow Steeds operate much like regular tamed horses, but instead of gaining a Trample ability they gain the Infernal Breath ability, which does fire damage instead of blunt damage.

The main use of the horses is either having them for trampling large groups of enemies or other riders, or aiding the peasants in gathering rice and water to quickly advance in the economy.


  • Peasants (except for Wolf Peasants, as they don't have ability to pack horses) with pack horses gather 60 units of rice and water instead of 15. The horse itself gathers 45 units of rice and water.
  • Any non-Lotus unit mounts a Shadow Steed will take damage over time until the unit dies.
  • Shadow Steeds take 50% of Health as damage when a mounted non-hero Lotus unit (except Ninja) dies.
  • When a Tamed Horse remain unmounted for a certain time (unless a nearby unit attempts to use the horse), will turn into Wild Horses. Shadow Steeds are not affected.
  • There exist numerous bugs concerning horses: it is possible to catch the horses without building stables using a certain key combination (they will follow peasants, but can't be used for riding/resources), sometimes horses will stay untamed forever, making horses invisible by exploiting the game mechanics.
  • It is possible to attack horses by binding any units with a peasant and ordering the latter to catch any horse. Moreover, the horses can be killed, either by the same game mechanics exploit, or by occasional fire on the battlefield.
    • Lotus Brothers do not gain stamina by attacking Horses.



Taming horses without stables (Game Mechanics Exploit)

Taming horses without stables (Game Mechanics Exploit)

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