Holderling logo  Hordeling
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths Explosive (-75%), Magic (-90%)
Weaknesses None
"(Malicious growling and chittering)"
— Hordeling

The Hordelings are the main units that comprise the feared Horde, following the orders of a creature known only as the Nightvol. They only appeared in Kenji's Journey.


Not much is known about of these creatures; they first appeared many years ago out of the blue, killing and destroying everything in their path as they rampaged across the lands. No army was able to stop them, and no man was able to face them. That is, until Tarrant the Elder used the Serpent's Orb; whatever Tarrant had done, it had resulted in his death and the absolute disappearance of the ravenous Horde, along with the breaking of the World itself.

Physically, hordelings are about as large as a grown man, but with pitch black skin, large yellow eyes and vague insect-like traits. Some believe the hordelings to be actual demons, though there is little proof to support this theory. That said, there is little to no proof of any kind for the various theories regarding their origin.

All that is known is that the hordelings seem to only care about one thing; killing everything else.


  • In the early versions of Battle Realms, the Hordeling's Health was greater than any other normal units and tied only with the Master Warlock's at 250 health. In later versions, the Hordeling's health stays the same, while nearly all other units would have their HPs increased.