Guidelines is where you can follow the guide within the Wiki. This is a community project contributed by Battle Realms players and fans. None of them employed by Crave, Liquid Entertainment, and Ubisoft.

In order to help maintain continuity within our Wiki and to keep things civil, we have a few guidelines that we ask all users to abide by.


Any articles with resourceful information and/or said in the sources. Such contents may require a source (e.g. Source:

In Battle Realms game, the content should based on the latest patch (1.50q).

Being a Good User

  • Don't be mean or arrogant
  • Help contributing pages
  • Try to help people where you can

Registered users not following all of the above will get a warning, but continued offensive will get you banned and your IP blocked. We don't want to moderate, but we will if necessary. Our ultimate goal is to make this Wiki a place where people feel that they can speak their mind - in a civilized and non-antagonistic manner.


Well many people adding bad words, but in this Wiki this is not allowed.

Image Guidelines

Before you upload a picture to the Wiki, please do a search for a keyword related to the image you're not uploading a duplicate.

Naming Guidelines

Please name your image! The name of your Image should adhere to the following guideline:

Use Title Case (of, and, the should be in lower case) Name of the Hero always comes first. This allows for easy searching Eg... Spearman-ingame.png Spearman-conceptart.png

Name of Further Identifies/Distinctions. This allows for searching for clusers.

Categories for Images are awesome. They help others to find your image and use it, rather than uploading duplicates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well there are many people ask questions about the game. Before you ask a question, think about it, and find your answer throughout the Wiki. If you cannot find the answer, leave a comment, there's nothing wrong.