Song of Morning Dew

Forest Temple is an upgrade on Town Square.


The name itself is enough description. But to Wolf Clan members, having one is a symbol of prosperity among villages. This is where Shamans train their natural abilities. Where Druidesses train in combat to be Dryads and Peasants train to be strong shaman-like Diggers.

The wolf clan can improve their harnessing of the natural power. The mystic Chant of Tremor can lend digger's claw supernatural strength of earth. The Rite of Freedom releases the Maulers and Diggers from their painful slavery experience, which allows them to reserve more energy. While Dryads can sing the Song of Morning Dew to create barrier that protect them from violence impact of explosives.


Druidesses to Dryads


Chant of Tremors

Increases Digger's digging speed.

Rite of Freedom

Decreases stamina movement cost for Diggers and Maulers.

Song of Morning Dew

Increases Dryad's resistance to Explosive damage.

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