Fan Geisha: "Most believe we live only for the pleasure of our guests. Few realize that those guests live only at our whim."

The Fan Geisha is a unit of the Serpent Clan.


Fan Geisha
The Fan Geisha are, in some ways, the strongest and most resilient members of the Serpent Clan. Day after day, they must tend to the whims of the disorderly, ill-mannered Serpent army, appeasing drunks and soothing the egos of braggarts, merely in order to survive. Though beautiful, the Serpent Geisha tend towards a certain hardness of character.

They are not reluctant to enter battle; in fact, many prefer the duties on the battlefield to those in the bathhouse. Their deep knowledge of physiology and psychology allows them to efficiently heal wounds. They also wield their razor-edged metallic fans with surprising agility and strength. These weapons may appear fragile and delicate, but often prove fatal to enemies who underestimate them; this is true of the Fan Geisha as well.

In-game Information

Tier N/A
Rice Cost 30
Water Cost 30
Melee Cutting
Missile N/A
Weakness None
Strength Magic, Fire
Training Bathhouse
Innate Abilities Healing: The Fan Geisha can sacrifice stamina to heal another unit or herself.


Dark Pact : The Fan Geisha are on comparatively good terms with the Thieves, with whom they find a practical outlook similar to their own. From their stolen tomes of magic, the Geisha can learn to barter with a minor demonic spirit that protects her allies from harm in exchange for a portion of her life force.

Razor Fans : The Metal Shop can weave spells around the Geisha's fans so that they do not merely spill, but actually drink their victims' blood. When these dark weapons bite into flesh the life they consume heals the wounds of nearby allies.


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