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Tier 1
Total Rice 30
Total Water 30
Total Training Time 35
Hit Points 300
Melee Magic
Missile/Ranged Magic
Strengths Fire (-75%)
Weaknesses None
Prerequisite Peasant (Wolf) trains at Vitality Garden.
Passive Entanglement: When attacking, the druidesses can entangle an enemy for a short amount of time.

Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and does so slightly faster than normal.

"All things turn with the seasons. Fear not defeat and winter, lest you fly from the spring and triumph."
— Druidess

The Druidess is a Wolf Clan unit.


The Druidesses of the Cairn stand at the heart of the Wolf Clan. They alone practice the witchcraft of their lost homeland; Wolf warriors refuse to study magic, believing that the spirit realms are best walked by those who devote their lives to wisdom and healing, not bravado and slaughter. They also pass down the stories of their clan from mother to daughter, and every Druidess knows at least a thousand tales, from rude jokes to holy fables. Thus, even though the Wolf Clan has little use for books and written lore, they know more about their own origins than even the near-immortals of the Lotus Clan.

In battle, the Druidess calls on her plant allies to entangle and slow enemies. She can also work intricate charms, imbuing Wolf fighters with superhuman abilities. However, these charms are gifts of the spirits, and she must return to the Cairn periodically in order to meditate and ask for their favor. When not fighting, or praying, Druidesses may often be found in the rice fields, which always grow faster and more abundantly in their presence.


The Druidess is the main female warrior of the Wolf Clan, ensnaring foes and bestowing powers on allies. Instead of healing like the female units of other clans, she launches plant orbs that ensnares enemies in place, preventing them from moving or attacking. This passive is useful against enemies, especially in killing wounded Zen Masters or preventing their escape. The Cairn gives the Druidess 3 Blessing charges (5 with an upgrade), that gives other Wolf units unique Battle Gears.

Battle Gear

W-blessing Blessing Shalearmor-icon Shale Armor Passive
Grants from Cairn Requirements: Shalery
After praying at the Cairn, the Druidess may bless three of her warriors with great strength and prowess before the must return for further enlightenment. All Wolf units may adorn themselves in thick armor made of shale, greatly boosting defense against most types of damage.


  • In team games, the druids can bless other allied AI or players' Wolf units.




  • "For the Clan!"
  • "For the Wolf!"
  • "The Wolf remembers"
  • "I am Wolf"
  • "Lead the way"
  • "I follow"


  • "I hunt!"
  • "I seek their blood!"
  • "We will win!"
  • "The Trees sing!"
  • "Nature's friend!"
  • "The roots are strong!"


  • "Your blood flows freely!"
  • "Are my CHARMS too much?"
  • "Turn tail!"
  • "Afraid..?"
  • "The Wolf will WIN!"
  • "DIE!"
  • "Beware the Wolf!"


  • "Nature heals."
  • "My wounds are mended."


  • "Forest.."
  • "The Wolf..."
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