Dragon Dojo 2
The Dojo is a building affiliated with the Dragon Clan.


Dojo icon

Warriors of the Dragon spend much of their time in the dojo, learning from honourable masters to move gracefully and strike with overwhelming force. The dojo is a social centre as well as a training ground; even simple peasants gather there to watch their fighters practice.

With effort, advanced techniques may be taught to those willing to learn. The Dragon’s Strength stance helps Spearmen strike with greater force, while Dragon’s Heart exercises improve their overall health. Finally the Dragon’s Fire chant invigorates both mind and body, and offers advanced swordsmen an increased immunity to pain.


The Dojo trains the following units:


Dragon's Heart Final Dragon's Heart Yang Cost:
Dragon's Strength final Dragon's Strength Yang Cost:
Dragon's Fire (2) Dragon's Fire Yang Cost:
Spearmen will have more health. Spearman do more damage. Dragon Warriors, Kabuki Warriors and Samurai will have more health.


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