Demoness logo  Demoness
Tier 3
Total Rice 85
Total Water 70
Total Training Time 65 (30/30/5)
Hitpoints 400
Melee Magic
Missile/Ranged None
Strengths None
Weaknesses Magic (+100%)
Prerequisite Witch used Demon's Amulet.
Passive None

— Demoness

The Demoness is a temporary unit of the Serpent Clan, created when a Witch makes use of the 'Demon's Amulet' Battle Gear.


The Demoness is an extremely competent melee fighter who can inflict ridiculous amounts of damage in her short life-span. A Demoness is created when a Witch has the 'Demon's Amulet' Battlegear and uses it, thus transforming her into a Demoness as long as her stamina keeps her going. When her stamina goes empty, the Demoness reverts into a Witch once more.

Battle Gear

Demonsamulet2 Demon's Amulet Passive
This was used by the Witch.
Demoness decreases stamina over time. Once depleted, will transform back to Witch and Battle Gear removed.


  • Utara's Demonesses don't drain stamina in Grayback’s Journey's Mission 6 and have fewer Hit Points (250) than Skirmish's Demonesses (400). This is because these Demonesses were different units (No. 123) instead of Skirmish's Demonesses (No. 122), who has the Default Battle Gear No. 125, linked with the Ability No. 223, which continually drains her stamina.


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