D-logo-chemist  Chemist
Tier 1
Total Rice 30
Total Water 30
Total Training Time 25
Hitpoints 210
Melee Blunt
Missile/Ranged Explosive
Strengths Fire (-75%), Explosive (-50%), Magic (-50%)
Weaknesses Cutting (+25%), Blunt (+50%)
Prerequisite Dragon Peasants train at the Alchemist Hut
Passive Healing Herbs: The Chemist, when idling, sometimes scatters healing herbs to triple nearby allies' regeneration rates.

"Let my foes perish in sulfur and smoke; for them, the underworld will hold no surprises!"
— Chemist

The Chemist is a unit of the Dragon Clan.


Some peasants, though quick of mind and keen of eye, just aren't cut out for the traditional battlefield. These often become chemists, learning to turn nature's humble herbs and minerals into healing salves and beautiful fireworks. Both talents have their wartime uses, as the Chemist devises screaming rockets to rain upon his foes, or employs his medicines to speed the healing of nearby allies.

Chemists are eccentric lovers of pyrotechnics, not sturdy fighting men; they stand little chance in a toe-to-toe fight. Yet their unorthodox weapons and giddy, cackling enthusiasm for explosives has unnerved more than one battle-hardened Ronin, and turned the tide of more than one battle.


The Chemist excels at destroying buildings although they can also be used to defeat units weak to explosive damage. When armed with their specialized Battle Gears, Two chemists with Starburst Rockets can instantly destroy enemy buildings like Watchtower, or the Peasant Hut, or heavily damage enemy units not resistant to explosive damage. Their ability; Mandrake Spores can decrease enemy units' damage dealing with blunt, cutting and explosive weaponry.

As with all ranged units, they are weak in melee combat and must be at a distance at all times.

Battle Gear

D-mandrake Mandrake Spores Stamina:
D-starburst Starburst Rockets Stamina:
No Cost
Requirements: Shrine Requirements: Fireworks Factory
Chemists who meditate at their shrine will gain certain herbal secrets. This soporific powder lowers enemies' defenses, lulling them until they struggle to keep awake. A lone Chemist in his laboratory may craft dangerous rockets. A Chemist with a Fireworks Factory at his disposal is like a mad child in the Land of Flaming Toys. A Chemist can carry up to 3 rockets before he needs to resupply.


In early versions, the Chemist puffed Mandrake Spores around himself to reduce nearby enemies' resistances. As of Battle Pack 3 & Winter of the Wolves, the Chemist fires a Mandrake Spores-filled rocket from safe range at his enemies, reducing their attack damage instead.


Quotes (Move)

  • "Yep"
  • "Hot on a trail"
  • "Fast like fire!"
  • "You tell, I go!"
  • "Hold your horses!"
  • "Oh yes!"

Quotes (Attack)

  • "You tell, I burn!"
  • "BURN!!!"
  • "Burn them all!"
  • "(Laughter)"
  • "Light 'em up!"
  • "Fire, FIRE!!!"  (Possibly referenced from "Cornholio")
  • "INCOMING!!!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat)

  • "Burn, BURN!!!"
  • "Yahooooo....!!!"
  • "Ouch....!"

Quotes (Kills)

  • "Hihihihii (laughter)"
  • "(Maniacal laughter)"
  • "Uh-oh!"
  • "Whack!" (Possible melee kill only)
  • "Hold this powder for me (laughter)"
  • "Take that!"
  • "Cover your eyes!"

Quotes (Heal)

  • "Light my fire!"
  • "Fire me up!"

Quotes (Death)

  • "Awww Noo!"
  • "Cruel world..."
  • "Bye Bye..."