Wolf Cairn
The Cairn is a buillding of the Wolf Clan.


Wolf Cairn icon
The Cairn is the holiest place of the Wolf Clan. a ring of rough-hewn granite stones, each inscribed with the name of a powerful Clan matriarch, surrounds a simple raised platform. On this platform, a Druidess calls on the spirits of Nature and her ancestors to imbue her blessings with magical force. Assuming that her pleas are answered, the Druidess can grant divine favors to three brave Wolf combatants before she must once again ask for the spirits' assistance.

The construction of a Cairn is not to be undertaken lightly, and relatively few Wolf settlements raise one; however, where they are built, Wolves consider the ground sanctified, and forever after consider such land theirs by divine right.


In Battle Realms and Winter of the Wolf, the Cairn functions as one of the Wolf Clan's (indirect) sources of Battlegear; Druidesses can go to the Cairn and recieve three blessings at a small cost of rice and water. The Druidess can then use these blessings to grant Battlegear to her allies.

When all blessings have been spent, the Druidess can go to the Cairn once more and recieve three more blessings at the same price of rice and water.


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