L-logo-sekh  Brother Sehk
Rice 0
Water 0
Hitpoints 375
Yin 1
Melee Piercing
Missile/Ranged Piercing
Strengths None
Weaknesses None
Passive Stamina Leech: Drains enemy stamina with each attack and transforms it into Sehk's stamina.
Floater: Sehk floats, enjoying height advantage even when fighting on level ground.

"I... obey..."
— Brother Sehk

Brother Sekh is a Zen Master of the Lotus Clan, and one of the Three Brothers.


Sehk is the Leaf brother, who once pruned the metallic leaves of the Tree.

The Three Brothers are those who once tended the Tree of Corruption. Each of the Brothers spoke for different aspects of the Tree - one the leaves, one the trunk, and one the roots. Although long dead, their spirits still continue to serve the Lotus Clan until now.

The Brothers' spirits lie in deep sleep at the Crypt of the Brothers, where at the cost of Yin points any of the chosen Brothers can be awakened to guide the clan. Although their spectral form doesn't provide them with much power, their attacks can drain the willpower of their enemies at such a rate that the Warlock's Soul Lick can never compare to. The drained willpower is then converted into the Brother's stamina to be expended as Battle Gear for the clan.

Battle Gear

Dark Powers Dark Powers Stamina:
Enchants Lotus units with new power; stamina cost varies from unit to unit, with higher-tier units requiring more stamina per charge. The Brother rejuvenates his stamina by fighting the Clan's enemies.


Brother Sehk and the Leaf Disciple share these two quirks:

They fire 5 projectiles each volley, rather than one like most units.

They use their Missile Weapons even in melee range.

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