Battle Maiden icon  Battle Maiden
Tier 2
Total Rice 60
Total Water 60
Total Training Time 65
Hitpoints 260(normal)


Melee Cutting
Missile/Ranged Cutting
Strengths Fire (-75%), Explosive (-50%), Magic (-50%)
Weaknesses Blunt (+25%), Cutting (+25%)
Prerequisite Geisha train at the Royal Academy.
Passive None

"Honour shall prevail!"
— Battle Maiden

The Battle Maiden is a unit of the Dragon Clan, only available in the "Winter of the Wolf" expansion pack for Battle Realms.


The Battle Maidens' history is one of tragedy and self-sacrifice. They are descended from a single courtesan who had sworn to defend her emperor, no matter the cost. Falling ill from a mysterious disease, the emperor ordered his courtesan sent away for her own protection. When the royal house came under attack one night, she defied those orders, and fought her way to her emperor's side, driving back the enemy invaders using skills she secretly learned from the Royal Academy...where women were forbidden to train.

While her emperor's life was saved, the courtesan contracted his disease and died. Touched by her courage, the emperor changed the law that prevented women to train at the Royal Academy. Now, Battle Maidens emerge from that structure equipped with razor-sharp "chakrams," which they use to mercilessly cut through their enemies. They can also magically project these blades through the air in order to attack their foes from a distance.


Among rangers, Battle Maidens uniquely deal Cutting damage with their chakrams. They may receive the Dance of Knives Technique to boost their already high attack damage, helping them better mow down foes. Trial of Endurance, on the other hand, shall increase Battle Maidens' stamina to lengthen the duration of Battle Maidens' useful Gears: Double Image to confuse enemies so that the real Maiden can escape; and Power Transfer to prevent Watchtower's Charge Abilities while increasing fellow Dragon fighters' attack power.

As purely offensive rangers, Battle Maidens are very fragile against the very common Cutting and Blunt weaponry, so they must be protected by melee units at all costs. Battle Maidens are less effective against Serpents or Wolves, because Serpent Cannoneers and Wolf Hurlers' Blunt missiles simply go through Dragon front-liners and handily bludgeon Battle Maidens.

Against Lotus, Battle Maidens are deadly counters to three Lotus units who fear Cutting Weapons (namely, Unclean, Warlocks, and Infested), and Battle Maidens also take half damage from Magical and Explosive missiles used by Unclean and Warlocks, as long as Dragon melee fighters protect them against against Lotus melee assassins.

Battle Gear

Double Image Double Image Stamina:
Power Transfer Power Transfer Stamina:
Drains Stamina
Requirements: Shrine Requirements: Fireworks Factory
Gained from the Dragon Shrine, the Double Image ability is meant to confuse and distract the enemy. When activated, this special ability will cause the Battle Maiden to split into two transparent doppelgangers of her former self. These mirror images can be controlled separately, though they only inflict half of their usual damage. When one mirror image dies, the other mirror image will become a normal Battle Maiden once more. To overcome the powerful effects of watchtowers, the Battle Maiden can utilize Power Transfer from the Fireworks Factory. While standing perfectly still, she can sap the magical power from any enemy watchtower, and redirect it towards nearby allies, who receive a bonus equal to the amount of damage they can inflict.


Quotes (Move)

  • "Consider it done"
  • "To protect is to live!"
  • "Without fail"
  • "I happily serve"
  • "If you wish it?"
  • "Of course, master!"

Quotes (Attack)

  • "This day is your last!"
  • "Honor shall prevail!"
  • "Victory is assured!"
  • "I will vanquish evil!"
  • "Pray for mercy!"
  • "By purity will triumph!"

Quotes (When engaging in melee combat)

  • "Aw! Most Formidable"
  • "A worthy adversary!"

Quotes(When Falling off Watchtower or Horse)

  • "Aw! My Apologies"

Quotes (Kill)

  • "That went well"
  • "Victory is mine!"

Quotes (Death)

  • "In death, I served you...."
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