Serpent Bathhouse screen
The Serpent Bathhouse is a building affiliated with the Serpent Clan.


Serpent Bathhouse
Though seedy, Serpent Bathhouses are not exactly brothels; neither are they particularly tidy or luxurious. They are critical to morale, however, and tend to spring up quickly in new settlements. Canny survivors in a rough world, the Fan Geisha perform their duties well.

Unusually talented Fan Geisha make invaluable allies on the field of war. An understanding of The Art of Love makes healing spells easier to cast and less draining, and superior Flexibility protects a Fan Geisha from harm. Finally, knowledge of Pressure Points is surprisingly useful in self-defence.


The Bathhouse trains the following units:


The Art of Love Final The Art of Love Yin Cost:
Flexibility Final Flexibility Yin Cost:
Pressure Points Final Pressure Points Yin Cost:
Fan Geisha use less magic to heal allies. Fan Geisha have more health. Fan Geisha do more damage.


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