Dragon Bathhouse 2
The Dragon Bathhouse is a building of the Dragon Clan.


Dragon Bathhouse icon
The graceful design of the Bathhouse is well suited to the arts of the Geisha, who are adept in skills ranging from conversation to painting. A popular soldier's joke claims that, of all forms of honour, the privilege of a visit to the Bathhouse is the one most worth dying for.

The talents of the Geisha require considerable study. The Art of Massage is an efficient aid to healing on the battlefield, and seamstresses may weave Spider Silk into robes that protect from slashing blades. Also, Geisha-taught lessons in Meditation can improve the natural healing abilities of almost any warrior.


The Bathhouse trains the following units:


The Art of Massage Final Art of Massage Yang Cost:
Meditation Final Meditation Yang Cost:
Spider Silk Final Spider Silk Yang Cost:
Geisha use less stamina when healing allies. Increases the natural healing rate of all units. Geisha take less damage from Cutting weapons.


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