The Ballistics Ground is a building of the Wolf Clan.
Wolf Ballistics Ground


Wolf Ballistics Ground icon
Ballistics is a recent deevelopment in Wolf warfare, which was once marked by proud disdain for all ranged combat. Modern Wolf strategists recognise the usefulness of distance kiling; thus the invention of the Grounds, where one can see a bizarre array of stones and sandbags (in lieu of burning pitch) hurled towards makeshift targets.

With practice, any of the Wolf's ranged units can develop an Eagle's Eye talent for striking targets at long range. Other Wolves rarely take the Ballistics Grounds seriously; lighthearted games of King of the Mountain teach Ballistamen, Pitch Slingers and Hurlers to make better use of any height advantages, and cocky Brawlers and Hurlers often practice Dodging missiles for fun.


The Ballistics Ground trains the following units:



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