Serpent Assassins' Den
The Assassins' Den is a building affiliated with the Serpent Clan, only available in Winter of the Wolf.


Serpent Assassin's Den
Like any clan, the Serpent people need to eat to survive, and their Town Square provides them with required sustenance by enlarging their rice and water stores, and by organizing their peasants into better, harder workers.

But the Serpent Clan is a fighter society, and they value blood they shed more than the water they drink. To that end, they've engineered the Assassins' Den, an upgraded Town Square where the Serpent Warriors are taught new, more nefarious forms of combat. Here, Enforcers are taught to channel their Murderous Intent more clearly, increasing the ferociousness of their attacks, while Ronin may read up in old scrolls on the virtues of attaining a Lethal Drive, so that they may develop greater reserves of energy. And finally, Witches can create and consume the Ironskin Potion so that their skin may turn as hard as stone, increasing their resistance to attacks of a piercing nature.


The Assassin's Den trains the following units:


Murderous Intent Final Murderous Intent Yin Cost:
Lethal Drive Final Lethal Drive Yin Cost:
Ironskin Potion Final Ironskin Potion Yin Cost:
Increases the Enforcer's attack power. Increases the Ronin's stamina. Increases the Witch's resistance to piercing attacks.
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