The Serpent Alchemist Hut is a building of the Serpent Clan.
Serpent Alchemist Hut


Serpent's Alchemist Hut
The Alchemist is an undesirable neighbour indeed; at any moment, day or night, his Lab may rattle with a sudden explosion or belch noxious chemical fumes into the sky. Yet the Alchemist's skills with metallurgy and gunpowder account for much of the Serpent's might.

In his spare time, the Alchemist enjoys concocting the hot-burning Magnesium Torches for Raiders, and with some motivation the Alchemist may hire experts in sniping to teach Musketeers to target Vital Points. Musketeers and Ronin may also be outfitted with Reinforced Plating, giving them additional protection from both piercing and blunt impacts.


The Alchemist Hut trains the following units:


Magnesium Torches Final Magnesium Torches Yin Cost:
Vital Points Final Vital Points Yin Cost:
Reinforced Plating Final Reinforced Plating Yin Cost:
Raiders do more damage. Musketeer gunfire does more damage. Musketeers and Ronin take less damage from blunt and piercing weapons.


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