Alchemist Hut 2

The Alchemist Hut is a building affiliated with the Dragon Clan.


Alchemist Hut icon

The Alchemist Hut is typically crammed with flasks, bottles, and vials of strange liquids, not to mention similar supplies of powders, metals, minerals, gems… it is a minor miracle if you can spot the Alchemist himself. An infernal oven dominates the rest of the hut, making it the least pleasant of all Dragon buildings during the summer months.

Given resources, the Alchemist can perform wonders. Rare Phosphorous Powder greatly improves the Chemist’s rockets, Tempered Steel results in superior, razor-sharp blades for swordsmen, and Pressurized Kegs explode with tremendous force.


The Alchemist Hut trains the following units:


Phosphorous Powder 2 Phosphorous Powder Yang Cost:
Tempered Steel Final Tempered Steel Yang Cost:
Pressurized Kegs Final Pressurized Kegs Yang Cost:
Chemists do area-of-effect damage and become more effective against buildings. Dragon Warriors, Kabuki Warriors and Samurai do more damage. Powder Keg Cannoneers do more damage.


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